Friday, March 26, 2010


I know from experience how difficult it is to get moving on a task that seems as massive as working toward the score you deserve on the ACT. But this weekend of Spring Break is the perfect time to start.

Begin slowly: download a few questions from the ACT website, sign up for the question of the day while your there, get a copy of The Real ACT Prep Guide (about $25). Complete a small part of each section:
English -- answer the 15 questions in any of the 5 passages.
Math -- work 10 problems.
Reading -- answer the 10 questions in any of the 4 essays.
Science Reasoning -- pick one data set and answer all of the questions. Just for fun, keep track of the data sets as you do them and we can look later at a pattern that should tell which are the easiest and which are more challenging.

Work Smart: Stick to this daily plan and you'll gain knowledge of each of the sections. Don't time yourself yet. Concentrate on thinking about the problems you're working. It should take you only about half an hour to do this work but at the end of the week, you'll have completed 1.5 English sections, 1 Math, 2 Reading, and one whole Science Reasoning. That's a pretty good study week, especially since you may be on holiday!! CONGRATULATIONS!!


  1. I wish I had your council when I was taking the ACT.

    This is a great looking blog, Sandi. I tried to find you on Facebook as well, but I could not find your page. Could you tell me your page name again?

    I hope you are doing all right. Take care of yourself. You deserve it.


  2. On Facebook,the title is "Tutoring Resources." Would LOVE to have you as a fan!

  3. I just found it and became a fan. I am not sure what happened, though. Last night I tried searching for "Tutoring Resources" and nothing was coming up. I tried it this morning, and *poof* there it was.

    I look forward to seeing you later this week.

    Have a distinguished day.