Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Oh, yeah. There's a LOT of Math to know for the ACT and it is easy to skip over some important rule or formula. Here's a checklist of the concepts mentioned in previous blogs. Use it to refresh your memory and insure that you've covered each concept sufficiently. As you take practice tests, highlight the math facts that caused errors and review those again.

___ fractions
___ percents
___ percent change
___ word problems
___ ratios
___ average
___ area

___ factoring
___ distance formula
___ midpoint formula
___ rules of exponents
___ graphs
___ functions
___ conic equations
___ logs
___ sequence and series
___ probability
___ variation
___ systems of linear equations
___ matrices

___ special right triangles
___ SohCahToa
___ parallel lines and transversals
___ properties of quadrilaterals
___ circles
___ sum of interior angles of a polygon
___ volume
___ similar triangles
___ relation between lines, areas, and volumes

___ Pythagorean Identities
___ The Unit Circle

There. That wasn't so bad, now was it? Stay tuned to this blog site for analysis of recent ACT test questions and any changes that we discover.

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