Thursday, April 1, 2010


Many high school Seniors are struggling with "Senioritis" during these last few weeks of the semester. It may seem onerous at the moment to think about the academics involved in college study, to put aside thoughts of graduation parties, gifts, and your upcoming summer of freedom, but now is the perfect time to think about gaining a few "free" college credits.

Testing out of one or more of the foundational courses required by many colleges can have several short and long term benefits:
1. Cut down on the cost of an undergraduate degree.
2. Shorten the time required to obtain an undergraduate degree.
3. Reduce the number of credits you need to take each semester.
4. Achieve upper-classman considerations more quickly.
5. And, oh, did I mention LOWING THE FINANCIAL INVESTMENT of an undergraduate degree?

AP courses are common offerings in many high schools. You may have taken these advanced placement classes and the accompanying final test. You may have earned a score high enough to qualify for credit at your college of choice. But AP tests are not the only option for earning college credit without paying full tuition and sitting through a whole semester of college lectures, quizzes, and tests. Consider CLEP exams.

Now is a terrific time to test out of basic courses. Information learned in high school will never be more fresh in your mind than now. Working on something academic over the summer before college will keep your academic skills fresh, and believe me, you will need a supple, functioning brain as a Freshman in college more than ever before in your educational life.

First, check with your college to find out which CLEP exams are acceptable. Some of my students have tested out of Biology, Natural Science, English Composition, Intro to Psych, and even German based on what they learned in high school.
2. Decide which CLEP tests are reasonable for you.
3. Access information from the College Board (the publishers of both AP and CLEP tests) to review study materials.
4. Create a study plan that leaves plenty of time for socializing, work, and just plain fun. (This IS after all an important summer for you.)
5. Stick to the study plan. (Read my blogs on staying motivated.)
6. Schedule the CLEP exam.
7. Fly off to college knowing that you are ahead of everyone else in your dorm!

Here are some online resources that will be helpful:


Or search "clep exams" on computer.

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